Garden Snail Hand Sewing Kit

DelilahIris Designs


This Garden Snail DIY Stuffed snail sewing kit by DelilahIris Designs is a charming adventure in hand sewing and beginner's embroidery! This DIY Felt Sewing Craft Kit by DelilahIris Designs includes enough felt materials and supplies to make a beautifully crafted felt snail. The finished snail stands at approximately 4" tall by 6" long.

What's in the box? * pre-cut felt snail pattern pieces cut from top quality merino wool felt * digital Tutorials on a dedicated website * doll eyes * needle and thread * embroidery thread * chenille wire * toy stuffing This kit is designed to be hand-stitched.

No sewing machine required!

Sewing Skills: Beginner/intermediate. An adult beginner to sewing can handle this kit or an experienced child.

Made by: DelilahIris Designs 

Based in Madison, Maine

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