Wooden Toys Car Racing Ramp

Legler USA Inc


On your marks, get set, go! This click-clack wooden racetrack with a stable base provides speedy action when the four small wooden toy cars zip down the ramps. On their trip from floor to floor, the toy cars perform somersaults and bring lots of fun.

Painted white with natural wood parts combined with the ramps' classic color scheme, this racetrack is a real eye-catcher that fits well into every nursery. Promotes the development of motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination while preventing any boredom in the nursery!

Designed for Children Aged 18+ Months

Designed in Germany

ethically and sustainably made in either China or Germany.

"In all of the development steps from the production to transport, small foot takes care to ensure fair treatment of involved persons and companies." Small Foot

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