Art Print Club

       Why must beauty carry such a high price tag? For most of us "art" means "expensive". I have always been an artist and still rarely understand the gallery prices and strange business practices of the art world.

        My mission is to make all spaces beautiful. I do not see why budget must be the deciding factor in whether or not we beautify our homes and businesses. For me as a retailer, this means working with my space and never against it. As an artist, it means not pretending that I am the new Leonardo Da Vinci when pricing my work.

       Uninspiring white painted particle board graced the walls of my first little shop and yet many gasped, "It's so cute!!!" as they walked inside. My mom's aprons, my sister's bags and my own stationery and artwork were the beginning of the MEW + Co “Modern Handmade” retail brand. 

       After moving to Las Cruces, NM, I caught a severe case of folk art (the art of the people!). Folk art designs now adorn our tea towels, stationery and wall art offerings. Pursuing both a retail store and commissioned art projects, my business MEW + Company has beautified many homes and businesses alike. 

       Watercolor was my first (and still favorite) medium. I send out free postcard sized watercolor prints every month. They are usually a preview of new stationery or print designs. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with all those who connect with my style and a big motivator for me to keep creating. 

       We promise never to share your information or spam you with awful junk mail. You'll receive 1 free art print through the post office and 1 store happenings email each month.

All the best,


(P.S. MEW = Mary Ellen Wunderlich)

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